2009 Workshop

You are invited to attend a weekend workshop on magical practice in Maleny, Queensland, from the evening of Friday 30 January 2009 to the evening of Sunday 1 February 2009.

This is a live-in intensive workshop about connecting to the personal inner source of energy and ways of establishing more balance in life. The intent is for attendees to establish (or re-establish) a strong ongoing personal magical practice, with lots of practical experiences to feel confident about the work, and enough theory to pull the different techniques together into a personal framework from which to explore the three worlds. You’ll go away focused and equipped with a number of practical techniques suitable for everyday, and specific purposes.

This workshop, the first in a series, presents original teachings, as well as drawing on and extending Golden Dawn and Franz Bardon practices in the Western Mystery Traditions framework. Topics included are:

  • Principles of intentional distraction for ritual construction.
  • Advanced teachings around the lesser & greater rituals of the pentagram and the lesser ritual of the hexagram.
  • Elemental flow based manifestation practice.
  • Bardon’s black & white mirrors of the soul and your magic diary.
  • Magical work around elemental balancing.
  • Establishing a daily practice of ritual and reflection.

The Magical Practice 1 workshop is suitable for beginners through to experienced practitioners, but we expect to limit attendance to around 11 only. Subsequent workshops may go into planetary workings, rising on the planes, instruments and regalia, and more advanced teachings on working with the elemental energies. Attendance at these will require some expectations about prior work and experience to be met, and follow on from teachings in the first workshop.