Magic, Science, Charlatans

Break the shackles

The serious magicians of the middle ages were the originators of science today. Practitioners of alchemy and the wider hermetic tradition investigated the nature of reality to understand patterns, with a view to better themselves and the world around them. Most scientists today have the same altruistic intentions, maybe not to better themselves through their research, but definitely to make the world a better place. 

I say serious, because they did not notice correlation, assume causality, and then tell everyone about their “discovery”. Instead they noticed correlation and then spent serious amounts of time (think years) to see if there was indeed causality, and whether what they learnt could be applied consistently. They experimented, they kept detailed journals of experimental methods so that others could reproduce their practices, and detailed descriptions of results for analysis, and for others to cross check with their own experiments. 

The admonition for silence that these proto-scientists adhered to, particularly those initiated into hermetic orders, has essentially also lived on in today’s review processes before work is published. 

The Smithsonian magazine has a very nice article on the history between alchemy and science, including an example of the reproducibility of an alchemical working.

There are also still many modern day practitioners of the hermetic traditions – not scientists, but more spirituality, or internally, focused investigators of reality. 

Sadly I’ve been seeing some among these folk sharing posts that go against the very traditions they profess to follow, in two very important ways. 

Firstly, no display of the traditional discipline and silence, but instead posting pseudo-scientific imaginings that aren’t tested, usually not even from themselves, shared as if true, with a disclaimer that “if it’s true, then it should be shared,” with no effort made at personal validation or even fact checking.

Secondly, disrespect of the fellow community of truth seekers, particularly the hundreds of thousands of scientists who are exhibiting the discipline to actually experiment, record, reflect, and allow review of their work before publication. Posts that claim the scientific community’s consensus understanding of public health impacts are contrived by controlling entities, and used to manipulate the population through media hype. It is healthy to take political messaging with a large grain of salt, but do not dismiss the findings from science. Even serious anarchists said to trust expertise but distrust authority. 

In the middle of the current pandemic, anything that undermines public health measures is dangerous, and if you participate in this, you are part of the problem. 

  • No, 5G is not the trigger for COVID-19, nor were previous 4G, etc roll outs triggers of other epidemics and pandemics.
  • No, the lock-downs to contain COVID-19 are not to keep people out of the way of a secret deep state anti-government/celebrity/sex trafficking military operation disclosed by QAnon. 
  • No, there is not a media hype of COVID-19 to then force mandatory vaccinations and implant tracking technology into everyone. 
  • No, Covfefe is not a formula for a CoVFeFe alloy composed of Co(balt) V(anadium) Fe(rrum =Iron) Fe(rrum) that counters 5G. 

No, I’m not making any of these conspiracy theories up unfortunately. But some people are, for whatever reasons, and many people, particularly those who don’t often feel heard, are buying into them. 

If you see yourself as a modern hermeticist, as a serious spiritual seeker of truth, as a descendant of the alchemists and magicians, and particularly if you are in an order that upholds these traditions, do the right thing by your fellow practitioners and the ancestors of these lineages, respect scientists, the other branch of the family, and stop supporting the conspiracy theory pedlars and pseudo-science charlatans who make their money from increasing likes, shares, and followers online. 


Frater TTA